Are you looking to transform your restaurant into a more vibrant and lively space? Do you want to attract more customers and increase revenue?

If so, then extensions and refurbishments might be the solution you’re looking for! In this blog post, we’ll explore how extensions and refurbishments can transform your restaurant into a welcoming and inviting space that customers will love.

We’ll cover everything from design and layout to construction and budget so you can make informed decisions about your restaurant’s renovation project.

Planning Your Renovation

Before diving into your restaurant’s renovation, planning your project carefully is essential.

  • To start, create a precise plan of what you want to achieve, your budget, resources, and the timeline you’re working with. Gathering this crucial information early will ensure your project stays within budget and meets the desired timeline.

  • Next, research the trends and styles that resonate with your brand and customers in the restaurant industry. With this information, you can design an enticing and profitable space. It’s also crucial to consider your customers’ needs and design your layout to accommodate individuals with disabilities and those with hearing or visual impairments.

  • Lastly, whether you opt for a low-key remodel or a full-scale renovation, expect unexpected challenges that can arise during construction. Plan for potential setbacks by adding time to your timeline and budget so you know the situation.

Planning with a detailed and exhaustive plan makes you more likely to achieve a successful renovation with a positive outcome.

Layout and Design

You must optimise your space with a practical and efficient layout to get the most out of your restaurant’s renovation. Consider the style and functionality of the layout, ensuring that the design aligns with your restaurant’s brand identity while providing a comfortable and welcoming environment.

For instance, if you run a fast-food outlet, your primary focus will be convenience and speed. However, if you operate a fine-dining establishment, your priority would be creating an intimate and cosy ambience that complements your menu.

When it comes to interior design, it’s essential to use an appropriate palate to excite the patrons’ senses. Choosing colours that align with brand identity and creating a mood that complements the atmosphere of the dining experience are things to consider.

You should also create an inclusive environment catering to your diverse customers’ needs. Taking note of accessibility issues and accommodating everyone in your design will set your restaurant apart.

Overall, a great layout and design go hand in hand with the functionality of restaurant activities like bar setup, waiting structure, activity areas, etc. It is a foundational aspect of your renovation project that goes a long way in pleasing your customers and boosting profitability.


Choosing the right contractor from a reputable company is crucial to a successful restaurant renovation. You want to avoid getting started with work only to experience delays or shoddy workmanship that can undermine the project’s success.

Before you begin construction, one critical stage is to ensure you are clear on permits and regulations. Secure all necessary permits on time and ensure your renovation complies with building codes that help create a safe environment. Ensure your contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured to protect your project and operating licences.

Timelines are essential when renovating a restaurant; delays can be costly and frustrating for everyone involved. Be sure to communicate openly with your contractor and plan for contingencies if the construction process is delayed.

To thrive in this industry, you must have well-coordinated construction that ensures minimal disturbance to the customer’s dining experience. Therefore, make a clear distinction between dining and construction areas, have your schedule planned and communicated to your customers, and make it clear that the renovation improves the dining experience.

A significant renovation with careful design and construction looks attractive increases investment returns and attracts new customers to your restaurant.

Furniture and Fixtures 

Furniture and fixtures can be game-changers in your restaurant renovation project, providing helpful functionality, enhancing ambience, and creating unique dining experiences.

Choosing the right fit for your restaurant can take time with many options. Depending on your budget, you can choose either new or used furniture and fixtures but ensure you take note of the wear and tear of any used items you intend to purchase.

  • When choosing furniture, consider the style, durability, and comfort features. Using commercial-grade furniture can be an advantage compared to furniture meant for homes. It has more durability and will last longer under consistent use.

  • Another essential aspect to consider is the style of the furniture. The furniture style should match the restaurant ambience, creating an inspired dining experience that satisfies customers’ needs.

  • Fixtures are aesthetic and functional elements that give a restaurant its character, so it’s essential to make wise decisions when selecting them.

  • Lighting, wall features, and décor are critical in enhancing the atmosphere, giving the restaurant a personality, and positively impacting the customer experience.

Get creative and think out of the box for fixtures that would go well with your restaurant’s design without compromising quality.

Lighting and Ambiance

Lighting can affect the ambience of your restaurant positively or negatively, making it an essential factor in your renovation project. With a proper lighting plan, you can create a cosy atmosphere that helps to build customer loyalty and promotes brand identity.

When deciding on the lighting, look to brighten up time spent during peak hours, reduce lighting during slow hours, and ensure you have enough light to ensure your customers can read the menus without any problem. Additionally, consider optimising natural lighting since it provides warm, natural light that can give your restaurant a pleasant and comfortable feel.

Fixture positions are also essential in setting and controlling the mood and ambience of your restaurant. Pendant lighting can create a dramatic atmosphere, while warm-toned bulbs cast a cosy atmosphere that creates spaces people don’t want to leave.

Lastly, consider organising the space with different illumination for counter working areas, and dimmer controls for a relaxing dining atmosphere, and outdoor lighting if you have an outdoor patio.

Refit the entwine space with the ambience of your restaurant’s flow, and watch as your customers come back for more.


Once you have finished the renovation and are ready to launch, it’s time to turn to marketing to promote your new restaurant space. Your brand will look different from the old one, and it’s the perfect time to rebrand or work on a new marketing plan to match the new image.

Rebranding efforts can include updated logos, flyers, outdoor and indoor signage, updated websites, or social media handles. Promoting your new space via social media using visual posts, videos or paid ads. Using User Generated Content to create content around what the customers have to say about the new restaurant space organically gives a positive image to the prospects.

Another way to promote your renovated restaurant is to offer exclusive offers or promotions. During reopening and familiarising your customers with your updated space, offering discounts, hosting theme nights, or free drinks on discounted meal plans can be a great way to get customers excited about the new look.

Reinvesting in marketing to showcase your upgrades can ignite customers’ interest, reward their loyalty, and drive more traffic to your restaurant.


Extensions and refurbishments can be the key to the success of your restaurant.

By carefully planning your project and following the outlined areas, your restaurant can become a vibrant and thriving space with a unique style that attracts new customers and keeps existing customers interested.

To transform your restaurant into an inspiring dining space, contact us to speak with one of our skilled professionals.