Commercial kitchen design and installation is a complicated and extensive process. At Aspen Services, we recognise that not every business owner has the time to dedicate to these essential projects. This is why we offer Turn-Key Solutions, Extensions and Refurbishments. Allowing you to simply ‘turn the key’ on your finished kitchen and get going with the daily runnings, our fully-comprehensive packages take the stress and worry out of embarking on a brand new stage of your businesses development.

Dedicated Project Manager From Day One

One thing that marks Aspen Services out from the competition is our dedication to providing a personalised and trustworthy service to each and every one of our clients. To do this, we assign a dedicated Project Manager to all of our projects. With turn-key solutions, this becomes even more important. When you entrust the design, supply and installation of a brand new professional kitchen to a team, you want to know that they clearly understand the brief. Our hard-working, humble and honest Project Managers have decades of experience within the catering industry. Many of them have worked extensively in their own kitchens, allowing them to bring first-hand industry experience into your project.

From Consultation to Installation

Initially, our main goal is to understand the full scope of your project in as much depth as possible. This means conducting site visits and meetings with key stakeholders to determine what the new commercial kitchen design needs to do. This will include everything from ergonomics and storage through to waste and equipment requirements. We want to make sure that everything meets your specifications and eliminate the risk of anything being left off. Once this in-depth process has been completed, your Project Manager will draft up a full scope and project plan for approval by your team.

One Price, One Brand New Commercial Kitchen

Turn-key solutions provide you with a cost-effective way to keep to your designated budget. Once the initial consultation process has been completed, our team will cost up everything and provide a single quote for the full scope of the project. We will take into account everything from building infrastructures such as flooring and walls through to equipment layout, installation and finishing touches. After signing off, our team gets to work planning and implementing your project to exacting timeframes and deadlines. This gives you the space and time needed to focus on other aspects of your business, whether that be sourcing the best chef in your niche or marketing the soon-to-be arrival of your new professional kitchen space.

At Aspen Services, we have decades of experience helping businesses design, install and service their ideal commercial kitchens. From 100% bespoke stainless steel fabrication for kitchen equipment, extraction and ventilation through to sourcing the best heavy equipment and light goods, we’ll take care of it all. All you have to do is sit back and wait for us to hand over the keys to your brand new, fully kitted out professional kitchen. For more information, please contact our Projects Team on (01278) 410102.