To run a commercial kitchen, you need to have the right catering equipment to keep up with quality and demand. These essential catering pieces will speed up production, maximise your profits and allow your employees to feel pride within their place of work.

This blog post will share essential catering equipment that your commercial kitchen will typically require. We cover the typical essential pieces, as we understand that different commercial kitchens may require different machinery and tools.

Combi-Steamer / Combi-Oven

The first on our list of essential catering equipment for your commercial kitchen has to be an efficient combi-oven. Rational are world-renowned and offer the fastest, most efficient products in the world.

Typically, most commercial kitchens require more than one combi-steamer, especially for a high traffic location with high demand. No trouble though as Rational units can be stacked to save space.

Walk-In Fridge and Freezer

You have the equipment to cook the food, but you need somewhere to store the frozen and chilled food. Most commercial kitchens will require a walk-in fridge and a walk-in freezer, as the storage capacity will meet demand, they can be easily cleaned, and food can be located quickly.

Deep Fat Fryer

Some commercial kitchens, demanding on your market, will require one or more deep fat fryers to cook certain menu choices. There are multiple sizes of deep fat fryers, and one can be found to suit your space. Typically, a deep fat fryer will come with two baskets, where you can easily fry the food separately. If you have allergen requirements, having multiple tanks to keep the cooking medium separate always keeps environmental health at bay.

Essential Tools

While the big equipment is important, you have to consider the smaller tools that make up the commercial kitchen cupboards and surfaces. For example, your commercial kitchen may require non-stick pans, colour-coordinated chopping boards, various knives and different sized pots. Not to mention somewhere safe and suitable to store them.

Every commercial kitchen needs to have the right tools in place so that its kitchen staff can do the job to the best of their abilities while staying safe and hygienic.

Catering Equipment

If you are ready to give your commercial kitchen the edge, contact our sales team today. Our sales team can advise you on the fit-for-purpose models for your professional kitchen, as they will listen to your requirements and budget to recommend the right catering equipment.

All of our equipment is sourced from the original manufactures and bought with a full warranty, so you are in good hands with our sales team. We also stock second-hand equipment, which is equally as suited to your requirements. You can contact our team today at Aspen Services, and we can discuss your requirements and organise a free site visit.