Each year there is a new trend hitting the commercial kitchen scene. Last year, we saw more open-plan kitchens, designed to entertain and allow restaurant-goers an insight into how their food is prepared, cooked and served. The ever-growing digital age has hit the culinary scene with user-friendly digital displays, and space saving, multi-functional equipment.

So, what trend is in store for 2019? You have likely read about it and seen it in the news, as it’s a global hot topic and a focus at expos such as the Commercial Kitchen 2019. The UK Government has now set a commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2050…

This year, it’s all about Sustainability.

To date, Aspen Services has seen a desire for cost-saving, green, biodegradable products across all areas of the business. Biodegradable disposables have become more and more popular as the public has become aware of the environmental implications of single-use plastics and packaging that’s going straight to landfill, or worse, into our oceans. If you’re looking to become environmentally sustainable, this is the place to start – re-usable straws, recyclable napkins, wooden cutlery, and bamboo take-away cups.

What often goes under the radar is the running costs of your equipment, which is likely where you are losing money on your business, AND having a negative effect environmentally. We’re beginning to see the phasing-out of equipment such as Boiling Pans and Brat Pans, as there is significant wastage of heat and water with this equipment. Some recently completed works at Bath Hospital demonstrated the positive effects of upgrading equipment to steam generated cooking, which created a £5k saving in water and power PER WEEK.
Equipment such as the Rational Combi oven and Vario cooker are excellent examples as they use modern technology to regulate their cooking, saving money not only on electric and water bills, but also staffing hours, grease/oil use, and raw materials due to less shrinkage.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your kitchen can contribute to the efficiency of your venue. Ventilation canopies are too often neglected in the cleaning process, however, regularly cleaning the extraction means it continues to effectively extract any fumes and grease particles that will otherwise settle on the surfaces, resulting in not only the need for more cleaning and deep cleaning but a higher risk of fire.
A Synergy Grill atomises fat particles and produces white smoke instead of black, lessening the strain on your ventilation systems and reducing the risk of fire.

A simple but overlooked method for sustainability is staff education. Staff training on equipment use and optimal settings can make all the difference in lowering resource usage. Warewash manufacturer Meiko, suggests checking the dishwasher load isn’t too high and that the settings are at the optimum will result in less water use and wastage.

In our next blog post, we’ll be discussing the details in how you can transform your commercial kitchen into a sustainable paradise. Until then…