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Richard Brooks CFSP
Richard Brooks CFSP
Projects and Sales Manager

Richard is the vice-chairman of the National Association of Care Catering. He has been a chef for 16 years and is a certified food service professional. Hobbies: clay pigeon shooting, motorbikes. Favourite food: Stuffed crust pizza.

Meet The Team - Adrian Latham
Adrian Latham
Head of Project Installations
Meet The Team - Marco Di Mauro
Marco Di Mauro
CAD Design / Trainee Project Manager

Assists with the design and coordination of projects. Marco is at the gym every day and enjoys surfing when he can. Favourite food: Anything Italian!

Meet The Team - Harry Sweeten
Harry Sweeten
CAD Design / Trainee Project Manager
Meet The Team - Terry Millward
Terry Millward
Senior Project Manager

Our sales director coaches, guides, and supports our sales team with his 40+ years of experience in commercial kitchen design. Terry also enjoys a leisurely game of golf.

Meet The Team - Gary Druitt
Gary Druitt
Senior Project Manager

Gary is our Commercial and Finance Director and Project Manager, with over 30 years of experience in the catering trade. He is responsible for the design and project management of commercial catering installations, from contract to completion. His hobbies include going to the gym, cycling, and building. Favourite Food: Indian Food.