Every commercial kitchen is recommended to have the correct ventilation systems installed – they catch all fumes, steam and grease particles and extract them from your kitchen. Not only do they remove begrimed air, but pump fresh air into your facility that can be tempered to suit your environment.

Environmental consciousness is important when fitting your system, as you may be located in a built-up or heavily populated area. To handle this, our ventilation systems have built-in odour control and silencers to ensure any extracted fumes do not disturb the environment.

All of our ventilation canopies are bespoke to meet your requirements; they are site specific and we will arrange a site visit to ensure all measurements and specifications are met.
Any commercial catering kitchen is advised to have ventilation, to maintain a healthy working environment and staff morale; but under DW/172 law, it is a legal requirement for all gas kitchens to have it installed. Our team can advise you and install the best system suited for your venue.

For any enquiries or to arrange a site visit, please contact our Sales team on: (01278) 410101