All kitchens will get dirty and greasy, and over time grease and grime will build up in hard-to-reach places that is difficult to remove (causing blockages), and settle on the surfaces. We can provide you with a full deep-cleaning service to all your kitchen equipment, leaving it looking like new and, most importantly, hygienically clean.

Your commercial kitchen has to meet EHO (Environmental Health Organisation) standards, and if you operate with a gas kitchen, it is a legal requirement to have a deep clean completed. An inspection every 6 months will help you keep on top of the cleaning maintenance, and a deep clean once yearly ensures you are covered by your venue’s insurance.

We can provide you with a free initial call out and site survey at a mutually convenient time, handled through one channel for your convenience. Your kitchen will need to be shut for the duration of the clean, but we are flexible to do this any time of day (which is reflected in the price).

A deep clean is more than just valuable for legalities, it also extends the life and efficiency of the extraction fans and your equipment, producing economic spending over time. Our deep cleans also include all ceilings, walls, floors and surfaces, which are left in a hygienic and sterile state, so they are immediately ready to use. A better working environment is created, improving staff morale, and lessening their workload. And a daily cleaning routine will also maintain the longevity of your kitchen equipment.

All our cleaning services include certification of works for your records.

Any waste from these procedures is disposed of responsibly and to the current Approved Codes of Practice (such as HVCA TR19), or recycled where possible.

For any queries, please contact our Services and Maintenance team on (01278) 410103.