There are a few essentials every commercial kitchen needs, not only to improve the functionary of the kitchen itself but to make it a comfortable environment to work in. Kitchen ventilation canopies are one essential piece every commercial kitchen should have, and we are here to tell you why.

This blog post contains the top 3 benefits that come with having the correct ventilation system installed.

  • 1. Comfortable Environment

Let’s start with the most important benefit, in our opinion, the comfort of your employees. You can’t expect your employees to work tirelessly in a commercial kitchen that is stuffy, sweaty and uncomfortable. The right ventilation canopy will create a clean and workable environment for your employees, allowing them to enjoy their work and focus on the job in hand.

A kitchen canopy will reduce unwanted odours and fumes whilst pumping fresh air into your commercial kitchen, making it a suitable environment to work. Providing an appropriate environment will lead to motivated and productive employees, who can then work to their full potential.

  • 2. Remove Unwanted fumes

Commercial kitchens are known for their production of unwanted odours and fumes. A carefully fitted ventilation canopy will catch fumes, grease particles and steam to then extract them from your kitchen.

Once the unwanted and unpleasant odours are removed, fresh air will be pumped into your facility, making the air in the kitchen manageable. The main benefit of removing these unwanted particles from the air is that it reduces the likelihood of bacteria and mould growing in your commercial kitchen.

  • 3. Lighting

One benefit of a ventilation canopy that is often overlooked is the lighting. Many canopies are fitted with energy-efficient lights that allow you to see what is happening on the hob, across the griddle and in the fryer. Improved lighting is beneficial whether you are cooking or cleaning and will enable you to see what you are working on whilst reducing fatigue.

An additional benefit of this extra lighting is that you can see into crevices that general kitchen lighting cannot, ensuring that you never miss a spot during those daily deep cleans along the cook line.

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