When it comes to the design and layout of your commercial kitchen, you want to make sure it is fully functional and suitable for your needs. Safety, functionality, process, ergonomics and other elements should be considered when designing your commercial kitchen layout.

This blog post will share 4 commercial kitchen design layouts that might be suitable for your kitchen space.

1. Island-style Layout

An island-style layout in your commercial kitchen is similar to residential kitchen islands in the sense that it consists of one main block in the middle of the space. Typically, the cooking occurs in the middle of the block, with other areas on the outer walls, such as inventory, service area and food preparation.

This layout is great for commercial kitchens with a large amount of floor space.

2. Open Kitchen Layout

An open commercial kitchen layout brings the customer into the equation. It lets them see what is occurring in the kitchen for that added theatre. For safety, cooking appliances such as ovens are placed as far back as possible and a glass or perspex partition might be installed to separate the service area from guests.

Open kitchens are great for experienced chefs who want to entertain guests.

3. Assembly-line Layout

If you need to serve many customers at once, an assembly line layout is ideal for you. An assembly line layout consists of an island that starts with food preparation and goes around the islands until the dish is ready.

4. Zone Style Layout

For a zone-style layout for your commercial kitchen, your space is divided into different sections such as food preparation, cooking, refrigeration and sanitation. Each area revolves around one key process in your kitchen; therefore, it will have different zones depending on the purpose of your commercial kitchen. Zone-style layouts are more organised and allow for simultaneous food preparation as different dishes can be cooked simultaneously in different zones.

If you have a diverse menu, this layout design is for you.

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