Deep Cleaning Ventilation, Extraction and Kitchen Equipment

All kitchens get dirty and greasy, and over time grease and grime can build up in difficult to reach places and be hard to remove. Aspen Service offer full deep cleaning to all kitchen equipment and ventilation systems, leaving your kitchen hygienically clean.

Ventilation Systems

Under current regulations, it is a requirement that all ventilation systems have an annual deep clean, and are inspected every 6 months. The only way to achieve a quality result from cleaning ductwork or extract is to utilize a combination of methods, air blast, rotary brush, vacuum, scrape, etc. As in many cases, use of only one method is insufficient to meet the standards as required by regulations. All materials collected will be disposed of and a waste transfer note given where appropriate. All procedures are carried out in accordance with current Approved Codes of Practice, such as HVCA TR19 {TR 17), food safety standards and CIBSE TM 26.


An annual deep clean of the kitchen area will ensure your equipment stays in good condition and all surfaces are degreased and sanitized. Areas cleaned include walls, floors ceilings, kitchen equipment, tables and surfaces. We can also complete deep cleaning for new builds

Our Services Include:

  • Ductwork cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Deep kitchen cleaning
  • Air handling unit cleaning and disinfection
  • Installation of access doors in ductwork
  • Ductwork modifications and repairs
  • Filter replacements
  • Spray and fogging disinfection
  • Pre-commissioning cleaning

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