Our expertise – your peace of mind

There are many considerations when designing or refurbishing a commercial kitchen. This is where Aspen Services can help you avoid all the pitfalls to ensure your staff has a great working environment to enable them to provide the best service to your customers. Our expertise includes advice on extraction and grease dispersal, ensuring your kitchen is not just a great working space but complies with all current regulations.

Below are some key points to take into account:

The Services

The position of your main services will govern where certain items of equipment are located. Consideration must also be given to the position of the extraction system and route that the ducting will take. If you are refurbishing existing premises you may have to work with what is already there, although it is worth considering whether it is more economical to have things moved.

The Space

Look at the available space. You may need to allocate space for the following:

  • Cold room
  • Dry store
  • Cleaning store
  • Changing room
  • Chef’s office

Consider wall, floor and ceiling finishes- these need to be easy to clean and conform to health and safety regulations.

The Equipment

Your menu and number of covers will dictate the type of equipment you require. A lot will depend on your budget, but it is a false economy to buy items just because they are cheap as you can be left with equipment that is poor quality and not fit for purpose.

The Design

Having considered all the above you are ready to start the design. You may be worried about the cost of asking a professional company to help, but Aspen Service provides advice and a design service free of charge. A dedicated Project Manager will be at hand from the initial design through to the installation, liaising with any building and M&E contractors as required to ensure your catering facility exceeds all expectation.

If you are considering alterations to your catering facility whether it is an extension, refurbishment or just adding new items of equipment- call our offices and speak to one of our Sales Team. We can offer advice on equipment or any technical issues and will be happy to visit to discuss your plans in greater detail.

Call us now on 01278 410100 for advice or to arrange a site visit.